Welcome Roy Zeh, Evans VP of Business Development

Welcome Roy Zeh, Evans VP of Business Development

We are proud to officially announce the arrival of the new Vice President of Business Development to Evans Tool & Die / Evans Metal Stamping. Roy Zeh is a veteran of the steel and manufacturing industries, and we are very excited to have his sales and marketing leadership at Evans. Here’s a recent interview with Roy to introducing him to our audience of readers.

Why did you seek out Evans for your next opportunity?

Roy Zeh: I had met Dee Barnes, Evans CEO, about 15 years ago, when she spoke at our church about her ministry. Given our mutual interests in ministry work, we hit it off and stayed in touch over these many years. Then a few months ago, we invited Dee back to speak at our church again. This time, I was actually giving serious consideration about my career and whether I should stay at my previous company. While together we briefly discussed the fact that in addition to sharing ministry interest, we also were both in the metals business.

A few weeks later, Dee sent me and invitation to view the new Evans website and branding via Facebook. Although I had been seriously praying about my career and talked to some other organizations, no opportunities had materialized. But, when I saw the new Evans brand, it was a God moment: “I was led to take action…this is where I’m supposed to go!” I went to the new Evans website, reviewed their core values, and learned more about this company who had been in business for 70 years and whose #1 core value is; Honor God through our Integrity – We build honest, straightforward relationships that build loyalty and trust.

I had to contact her to see if they needed someone like me.

How did you take the next step towards joining Evans?

Roy Zeh: I contacted Dee and asked her to meet with me, and she agreed. As we met that day and shared the usual niceties, Dee never asked me why I wanted to meet. So, I asked her, “Why didn’t you ask me why we’re meeting?” She replied that she figured it was either business or ministry, and discussing either of those would be just fine. Then she started telling me about how Evans was struggling in the area of consistently generating new business. That’s when I told her, “That’s why I’m here.” Dee was surprised, and very interested. That’s what officially started the interview process.

What do you bring to Evans?

Roy Zeh: I’ve been in the metals industry since 1985…33 years! I started my career at a Roll Former (roll forming, stamping, bending/shaping metals) in Southern California. From there, I spent 21 years in building products with various manufacturers. Each move was a progression, giving me what I like to call “a master’s in business, via life” rather than a formal MBA. So, I’ve worked for several companies in my 30 years, but every job has led me into a different segment of the metals industry. I’ve seen a lot and know I can contribute to Evans’ future success.

What does Evans offer that attracted you?

Roy Zeh: Evans is the great American business story! A 70-year-old company, third generation family run, woman-owned today. I think Evans, even after 70 years, is poised to see their greatest growth. We’ve got land, buildings, extra buildings, capacity, and incredible management talent and shop expertise in toolmakers and supervision. We are ready to grow and grow big. The one thing Evans needed, I happen to have: sales and marketing expertise in the metals business! I am licking my chops, and ready to represent this great American company!

What do you want people to know about Roy Zeh?

Roy Zeh: I am a Christian man who has built a career on relationships. I fight daily against the stereotype of “the salesman”: the preconceived idea that when their lips are moving, they’re lying. I work hard through honesty, integrity, treating people the way I want to be treated; not selling for the purpose of selling, but truly building relationships and helping people solve their problems through the products and services my company offers. Truth is, the best salesmen are the best listeners. I listen, learn what my customer needs and match up my organization’s capabilities to their needs.

Please join us in welcoming Roy Zeh to the Evans team.

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