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  1. Our Interview with Thomas Industry Updates: A Legacy of Craftsmanship: 75 Years of Family-Run Tool and Die Making

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    We recently had our company featured on the Thomasnet.com platform. Our President & CEO Dee Barnes was interviewed about our company’s 75 years of operation as a family-owned small business. Learn more about our longevity as a company, how we help our customers, and current challenges in the business and how we face them head-on.

    This year, as Evans Tool & Die, Inc. commemorates an impressive 75 years in operation, it stands as a testament to the enduring values of craftsmanship, innovation, and generational continuity. Led now by its third-generation family ownership, the company has upheld its legacy through a tradition of apprenticeships that train the next generation of skilled toolmakers, as well as metal stamping and metal fabrication experts to ensure the continuation of the time-honored craft for years to come. […]

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