How To Choose a Tool and Die Shop

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The tool and die industry allows people to innovate and make custom parts for the automotive, technology, and aeronautic industries. Tool and die shops are responsible for fabricating dies, molds, and tooling using specialized cutting technology. They help manufacturers and customers create durable and complex machine tools, cementing their spot as key players in the industrial sector.

Things To Look for in a Tool and Die Shop

Picking the right tool and die shop to rely on is crucial. With the high demand for precision, quality, and fast-paced production in most industries, manufacturers cannot risk working with a partner that delivers poor customer service and subpar tools and products.

To help ensure that you find a dependable and experienced service provider, here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right tool and die shop.

Professional Experience

Before picking a tool and die shop, you have to be confident that the shop can meet quality standards. One of the best metrics of reliability is customer satisfaction and professionalism. Thus, it’s essential to do a background check on a prospective provider. Look for client testimonials and accolades from renowned organizations and authorities in the industry.

Quality Equipment and Facilities

A reliable and professional tool and die shop should be able to easily meet tight tolerances and part specifications. Ask about details like the technology used to manufacture designs, the usual turnaround time for custom orders, and the quality of facilities where the products are made. Your chosen tool and die shop should have the proper tools to do the job and not outsource their equipment; doing so takes time and can compromise quality.

The ideal partner should also have air compressors, E.D.M., cutting equipment, measuring gear, proper die handling, milling equipment, drilling, grinding, shaping, welding, and turning equipment. In addition, all the equipment should be specific for the job, with the correct specification and number, to create streamlined components manufacturing.

Prompt Service

Tool and die shops often provide their customers with key components for larger projects by original equipment manufacturers. Hence, orders should be tested and delivered to the client on time. Any delay in service provision can lead to significant production setbacks, costing the customer valuable time and money.

Before full production, the right tool and die shop should have tested the tooling dies. This not only speeds up service but should also save money and valuable time from shipping the tooling die back and forth for modifications.

Comprehensive Service

All-around service is a good bonus for a tool and die shop. Providers catering to a wide array of manufacturing and machining processes allow their clients to streamline their procurement process by sourcing several products and services from a single supplier or partner.

Different tool and die shops offer varying services, depending on their capabilities and facilities. At Evans Tool & Die, we offer the most reliable service for tool and die making, custom metal stamping, design engineering, welding and finishing, and other custom machining services.

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At Evans, we have over 200 years of combined tool and die experience to offer excellent service to our clients. We employ master tool makers capable of producing dies, tools, molds, machine tools, cutting tools, and more using our wide variety of equipment.

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