August 3, 2017

Machine Presses

Machine Press

A forming press, commonly shortened to press, is a machine tool that changes the shape of a work-piece by the application of pressure.
Other presses by application:

  • A press brake is a special type of machine press that bends sheet metal into shape. A good example of the type of work a press brake can do is the back-plate of a computer case. Other examples include brackets, frame pieces and electronic enclosures. Some press brakes have CNC controls and can form parts with accuracy to a fraction of a millimeter. Bending forces can range up to 3,000 tons.
  • A punch press is used to form holes.
  • A screw press is also known as a fly press.
  • A stamping press is a machine press used to shape or cut metal by deforming it with a die. It generally consists of a press frame, a bolster plate, and a ram.
  • Capping presses form caps from rolls of aluminum foil at up to 660 per minute.

The press style used is in direct correlation to the end product. Press types are straight-side, BG (back geared), geared, gap, OBI (open back incline-able) and OBS (open back stationary). Hydraulic and mechanical presses are classified by the frame the moving elements are mounted on. The most common are the gap-frame, also known as C-frame, and the straight-side press. A straight-side press has vertical columns on either side of the machine and eliminates angular deflection. A C-frame allows easy access to the die area on three sides and require less floor space. A type of gap-frame, the OBI pivots the frame for easier scrap or part discharge. The OBS timed air blasts, devices or conveyor for scrap or part discharge