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Stamping of a Steel Component for the Hydraulic Oil / Water Filters Industry

Metal Stamping of a steel component for hydraulic oil and water filter industryA customer in the hydraulic oil/water filter industry approached Evans in need of a stamped steel component. Working closely with the client on every aspect of design and manufacturing, our experts fulfilled all of their needs. Our first step was to design the die using AutoCAD software, prior to manufacturing the perforated die. Then, our four-operation manufacturing process began. This process included stamping, rolling, a spot weld, and then a second spot weld. For the stamping we used a 400-ton press, and for the spot welding, a 124-ton Bruderer. The finished product, made of tin plated cold rolled steel, measured 7 inches long, 7 inches wide, and .022 inches thick. Before delivering to Lagrange, Georgia, we thoroughly tested and inspected the stamped steel component, and upon arrival the client was beyond satisfied. For more information about this project, or to learn more about our other products and services, please contact Evans.

Custom Metal Stamping of Stainless Steel for the RV Industry

Custom Metal Stamping for RV industryA manufacturer of camping and recreational products was in need of a custom metal stamped, stainless steel component for a new line of fireplace and camping lighters. They required a large order and needed a company that could handle the high volume and maintain the level of quality that the product demanded.

The part, a stamped linkage spring, was to be constructed of 301 stainless steel, 3/4 hard, and maintain tolerances of ±.002” and .002” of parallelism. Isometric and 2D CAD drawings were supplied by the customer, and Evans designers created the 3D models in Inventor.

Once we created the tooling and the first articles approved, we developed an inspection plan to maintain quality and began production. Our 75 ton Bruderer press is currently producing 36,000 of these parts daily.

Progressive Metal Stamping of an Extension Body for the Recreational Industry

Progressive Metal Stamping of an Extension Body for the Recreational IndustryA customer in the recreational industry required high volume production of a progressive metal stamped product. Constructed of cold rolled steel, the part required tolerances of ±.0008”, and .001” of parallelism. These constraints, coupled with the high volume nature of the job demanded a very high level of consistency and quality control. Dimensionally the part was 5.750” wide, 2.105” long, and .012” thick, and featured a Nicklebrite finish.

Using our 125 Ton Bruderer press we produce nine million of these parts annually. To learn more about this project or what Evans can do for you, see the table below or contact us directly.