Evans celebrates 70 years of excellence from our core values

Evans’ Core Values have kept us in business for 70 Years!


It was 1948. Len Evans and his wife, Mary Alice, decided to turn their daughter’s playhouse into a warehouse. Both were tool makers, and they had decided to start a business to provide expert tool and die making and (later) metal stamping for local manufacturers. Len and Mary Alice operated their business on a firm foundation of core values that still drive the company today. Because of those values, the business thrived, and they were able to retire, and confidently hand the business to the next generation of the family.

Third Generation, New Look

Today, after 70 years, Evans Tool & Die, Inc. and Evans Metal Stamping, Inc. are led by the third generation of the Evans family. This year, we decided to do more than just say “Happy Birthday!” We decided to update the business. Here’s a quick look at how far we’ve come in 70 years.

You may have noticed the new logo. We wanted to modernize the look and feel of the Evans brand, while honoring our rich history. We kept the same red foundation. According to colorpsychology.org, red is “associated with energy, strength, power, and determination, as well as passion, desire, and love. Enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.” We liked that, so we kept it!

Old vs new Evans Logos reflect our values

We also kept the triangle. Tailorbrands.com tells us, “The meaningful aspect of a triangle is the peak, which symbolizes elevation and greatness. By nature, triangles draw the eye in a specific direction and depending on the direction of the triangle, its meaning can change from balance to danger. Science and law are two fields that benefit from triangle shapes.” We also see the triangle as having a very solid foundation.

Updated Core Values

We took a long look at the core values on which Len and Mary Alice created and grew the business. We knew they wouldn’t change, but we wanted to clarify them as more than just words on a banner in the warehouse. This version is slightly more wordy than the original – Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Generosity – because we wanted to “put legs” on these values to make it abundantly clear as to how it looks when we live and work within these core values. Here’s what we came up with.

  • Honor God through our Integrity – We build honest, straightforward relationships that build loyalty and trust.
  • Create loyal customers by being Accountable – Everyone is accountable, taking responsibility for his or her individual job and customer satisfaction.
  • Build a legacy through Excellence in our work – We strive to perform our best every day, with continuous improvement, creating a company that our customers trust.
  • Build stronger communities through our Generosity – Sharing our resources to create a positive impact on others.

Looking Forward

After 70 years, we’re really just getting started. The US economy is robust, and manufacturers are bringing their operations home to US soil. We believe God has put us in a perfect position to have a huge impact on our community and our customers at exactly this time. This day and age – 2018 – is an incredible time of technology, communications, and making new and innovative things. Evans Tool & Die / Evans Metal Stamping is incredibly excited to be a solid part of the manufacturing sector today.

Thank you for your friendship, support, patronage these last 70 years.