Why The Tool and Die Process Is Important in All Metal Working

Tool and Die is a process of making custom metal parts. It involves using specialized tools and dies to cut and shape the metal into the desired form. Tool and die can be used for a variety of purposes, from creating small parts to fabricating large components. The process of Tool and Die begins with a design. The design is then transferred to a computer, which will create[…]

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Benefits of Modern Progressive Metal Stamping and Transfer Stamping in Manufacturing

Metal stamping is a type of metal working that has been around for decades. It involves shaping various metals into specific shapes or parts through multiple stages of compressive deformation. The stamping process works by applying an external force over a single work piece or metal sheet which can be made up of different alloys, each having their own degree of[…]


Top Benefits of Local Sourcing

Consumer landscapes are continuing to change while businesses are adjusting for the new normal. Manufacturers and industrial companies across the world are working hard to maintain and strengthen their supply chains. And companies who preferred to source internationally to save on costs, are seeking other cost-effective solutions. The growing reality is that[…]


How the Toolmaker Apprentice Program has Changed in 50 Years

This article is the second installment of three articles about Toolmaker Apprenticeships. In the first article, we discussed the basic structure, time, requirements, and expected outcome from an individual’s journey through an apprenticeship. In this post, we’re taking a deeper look at how a Toolmaker Apprenticeship has changed since the 1970s. What has changed? To[…]

The Modern Day Toolmaker Apprentice Program

In this three part series, we examine the age old approach to job training called the apprenticeship. Through interviews with Toolmakers, Master Toolmakers, current and recent apprentices, we discover what it means to be a Toolmaker Apprentice today and what has changed in the last generation of Toolmakers. What is an Apprenticeship? Wikipedia provides a[…]

Stamping out a Robotic Surgical Instrument

In 2012, Evans Tool & Die Shop Supervisor Dick Ankeny was tasked with building a die for one specific part of a robotic surgical instrument. The specifications for the part required tolerances to be within .005”. The part had to be made from stainless steel, because the part itself would actually be inserted into surgical[…]

The Challenge of Design and Engineering

There is often a disconnect between design and engineering. To illustrate that point, consider an architect who designs amazing buildings that are more beautiful than our wildest dreams! But can those buildings actually be built? The same situation happens all the time in the manufacturing process. That is the challenge of design and engineering. At[…]

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