What is New Manufacturing?

Manufacturing isn’t what it used to be. ‘New Manufacturing’ is much more advanced with highly trained technicians and engineers who are designing automated, robotic machinery instead of standing on assembly lines as they have done in the past. In addition to being more advanced, women are increasingly joining the manufacturing sector. Colleges that offer manufacturing coursework around the country are even being awarded grants in order to help boost manufacturing jobs in certain areas around the world.

Organizations like the National Science Foundation have awarded millions of dollars in grants to area colleges with the hopes of increasing enrollment in STEM related curriculums. A large part in gaining student interest in manufacturing is educating students on new manufacturing. Most view the industry as doing “dirty work”, when it has actually become a very skilled and high-tech career path with very educated people. Colleges and Universities around the United States are investing in new equipment and training labs for students in order to provide the best training and resources possible. Often times, professors have close ties with industry professionals, and are able to refer students to high-paying, big name organizations upon course completion.

The National Science Foundation gives educators and students a great opportunity to increase interests and learning capabilities that will essentially strengthen the manufacturing industry as a whole. As grants are awarded and new opportunities arise, there will be an increase in interest and job opportunities for manufacturing around the country.

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