Are you Ready for the ‘Manufacturing Homecoming’ That’s Happening in the U.S.? (We are!)

Recently, more and more companies across the nation are bringing their business back home to the U.S. instead of moving manufacturing jobs to international locales. We blogged about this “reshoring” trend last fall, and this year we’re seeing increased business directly related to the reshoring trend that’s continuing to happen.

According to recent reports, 2013 is being touted as the year where we can finally start celebrating the “manufacturing homecoming” that’s happening in the U.S. “The trend of companies relocating American manufacturing jobs to low-wage China has started to reverse,” says Hugh Welsh, DSM North America on The article outlines the key economic drivers that have contributed to this reversal, and that have created a competitive advantage for the U.S., including:

  • Cheap and abundant natural gas.
  • Innovation.
  • Rule of law.
  • Human capital.
  • De-complexity.
  • Public policy and abundance.

Credit, currency and the coming wave of mergers and acquisitions.
Welsh adds, “The new era of manufacturing in the U.S. to serve U.S. markets is at hand, along with the growing export market for specialized, high-margin finished goods… The world has changed. The U.S. has changed, and the pace of this change accelerates every year.”

Is your company ready for the increased business the manufacturing homecoming will continue to bring to the U.S.? At Evans, we are ready (and we’re already rolling ahead with some exciting, new opportunities). Since 1948, we have offered metal stampings and tools and dies – and everything is manufactured right here in the resurging Southeast of the U.S.A. We provide high-quality products and services, lower costs, faster turnaround times and excellent customer service – something that’s difficult to find – all together – anywhere else in the world!

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