Evans Metal Can Solve Your Metal Stamping Needs

Evans Metal Die Manufacturing Growth

When it comes to metal stamping, Evans Metal knows that you need a quality source to get the job done right. We stamp steel, aluminum, brass, copper and Inconel and include a great variety of features in all of our applications. Our engineers are highly-trained in tool and die stamping, and understand the process of building a die to manufacture a piece. Our custom tools and dies are capable of handling a production capacity of any size, at a quality that exceeds industry standards.

When it comes to stamping, everyone’s needs are different. We offer a variety of features that are cost-effective, and can handle a wide range of prototypes. Our stampings can be coated, countersunk, cruciform, embossed, or heat treated, and our heavy duty presses can handle 30 to 1,000 tons at high speeds (1,200 cycles per minute).

At Evans Metal, we use cutting-edge software technology including CAD, AutoCAD, Inventor and Solidworks. We also have two CAM machines for CNC mills, and three wire EDM machines that design solutions to problems. If there’s a part that’s not conforming correctly, our engineers and tool and die makers have extensive press equipment that can solve nearly anything. With more than 300 years of experience and over 65 punch presses to run the metal stamping, Evans Metal can take on any problem, and determine a solution.

For more information on metal stamping services that exceed industry standards, please contact Evans Metal Stamping today.

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