Evans Joins the “Reshoring” Trend

Metal Stamping in the USA

U.S. manufacturing. Reshoring. Made in the USA. Certainly, you have heard these terms thrown around recently when conversation has turned to industrial and manufacturing production in the United States. As manufacturing is beginning to become more expensive overseas, companies are now turning to another solution—bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., a term known as “reshoring.” At Evans, we are not joining the reshoring trend; as long as we have been in business, our manufacturing has solely been based in the U.S.

Industry Week recently published an article about reshoring, specifically in the San Diego area. Although we are located on the East Coast, we found some general points could apply to businesses like us. The article mentions that “just-in-time, product oversight, and cost efficiencies are bringing manufacturers back to the U.S.” Although Evans has always been a U.S. manufacturer, we do see the wide benefits of these three services, which have helped retain and service our customers. First, manufacturing onshore allows for a reduction in turnaround and JIT delivery, so that your products arrive at your facility precisely at the time they are needed. Product oversight greatly increases on the customer’s standpoint, for customers can more easily access manufacturing plant and oversee various points of the production process. Additionally, there is the location standpoint as well. Not only do we own our own property in the Southeast—which is now becoming a huge manufacturing hot spot—but we are also centrally located to the Atlanta transportation system and the Savannah and Charleston ports. Our prime location allows for shipping, receiving, and transportation advantages in the midst of this manufacturing resurgence.

When manufacturing first left the US, there wasn’t a lot of work left for tool and die makers. This allowed us to refine our niche in the US market, where we can service that industry. We have been able to provide lower costs, lower turnaround times, and higher quality in our facilities here. Now, everyone else is catching on!

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