Bringing Tool and Die Making Back to the U.S.

Metal Stamping Die Manufactured in the USA

Metal stampings. Tools and dies. Made in the USA. There is one stop for all three: Evans Metal Stamping.

Founded in 1948, our company has remained family-owned, and we have seen our facilities grow to include 66 presses, 20 of which are high speed presses. As our name implies, our strengths are in metal stamping and tool and die making. Although recent studies have shown a shortage of tool and die manufacturing, our business and our employees have not suffered from these fears.

It certainly hasn’t hurt that we have cornered the market on experienced tool and die makers. A number of factors have contributed to this. First, we are proud to be American made and operated, with all of our products being manufactured here in the United States. Although a great deal of manufacturing has gone overseas, we’ve had the ability to maintain our tool and die shop, as well as our metal stamping shop. Not only did this allow us to remain in business, but it allowed us to create a niche in the American tool and die market. On top of this, we run an extensive tool and die apprenticeship program. The program was revamped this past January, so that our tool and die makers could pass down valuable skills to the toolmakers of tomorrow. In short, our program allows employees to study under our seasoned tool and die makers (who collectively have 300+ years of experience at Evans). Who says there is a shortage in American tool and die makers? We are bringing these necessary skills back to the manufacturing industry.

Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with Evans Metal! We encourage you to check back for monthly updates and to visit our website in the meantime!

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