Commercial Refrigeration Doors

A customer in the commercial refrigeration industry approached Evans Tool & Die to machine stamp and assemble steel doors. The process of metal stamping and assembly included six different components. First, we manufactured both a blanking die and a progressive die. Next, we stamped the progressive and single hit dies. Finally, we assembled the products. Throughout the processes we used a 90-ton and a 75-ton Bruderer machine press.

Made of galvanized cold rolled steel, the parts weighed between 1.86 and 4.39 pounds. They ranged from 1 inch to 72 inches long, from 2 to 3 inches wide, and were .022 inches thick. We performed a series of tests and a full dimensional inspection before sending the completed products to Conyers, Georgia. Each year, the very satisfied customer orders 24,000 units and 4,600 units of the stampings and assemblies, respectively.

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